Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks SP

Well, she's done it again. My fabulous Secret Pal has sent another package and it was a wonderful surprise. Unfortunately, my camera is on the fritz but here was the big surprise in my package:
Yup, it's the the new "Book of Yarn" and it is great. I love knitting books but only have two (now). Also in the package was a beautiful necklace and stitch marker set (did you make those yourself SP?), a fun yarnish magnet (my frig is filled with notes and calendars so this definitely came in handy), and a cute little chicks with sticks pin. My Secret Pal has made my first experience with SPs really fun and fantastic. I can't wait to find out who she is???? Thanks again SP! Hope you have a fabulous T-giving!

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Anonymous said...

You are quite welcome. I really like that book, and hoped you would, too. Not too much longer before I can reveal myself, though I wish the secrecy could go on a while.