Sunday, January 27, 2008

Various Stages

It's been quite some time since I've posted. That doesn't mean that I haven't been knitting. Since the holidays I have worked on a cable purse for my friends 50th birthday (complete but forgot to take photos before I gave it to her), Juliet for my niece, a sweater version of Juliet for me (incomplete, see below), and the Scoop Neck Vest from Blue Sky Alpacas for me (incomplete). Acutally the vest was completed but the bust area didn't fit right so I ripped it back to just under the bust and revised it a bit.

Aside from my knitting, my life has been very busy. I don't usually blog about anything personal but for any of you who sometimes stop by and have children, maybe you can offer some words of wisdom. I have an 8 1/2 year old son. Good student, good kid, stubborn as hell, and he's driving us a bit crazy right now. He just doesn't seem to want to put effort into doing anything extra. For example, he loves sports and wants to be good at them. He attends practice for the sport du jour but when my husband asks him on an off day if he wants to practice my son says no. Or if my husband tries to give him advice about how to do something better we hear "I know, I know." More importantly, school work -- OY trying to get that child to write is worse than pulling teeth. I would like to see some more motivation from him - I want him to want to try harder or want to attempt to get better. Is this just typical 8 - 9 year old boy behavior? Are we expecting too much? Or do you have some recommendations??????


Kim said...

Boy, 8 1/2 was a long time ago in this house. It's hard, but sometimes, I just had to let my children fall. See the consequences of their (in)actions. But, don't know if that works at that age.

Good luck to you all!!

del said...

My ds is 9 & very much the same. I don't know if it's just the age or the character as well, but I think kids in general put forth effort when THEY want to.

Robin said...

No advice on your son's behavior as I have no kids of my own, but I do know my parents had a heck of a time motivating my younger brothers. Like the other poster said, it had to be something they wanted to do or they wouldn't do it, whereas I always had a to-do list and was a perfectionist.

Juliet looks great, and I like your idea of a modified Juliet for yourself. How are you planning to modify it - longer and with longer sleeves?

Scoop Neck Vest is a gorgeous color! I have to go to kpixie and check that one out, as they seem to have the greatest number of BSA patterns.